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Are you sick and tired of marketers who just don’t seem to care?

October 1, 2011

Australia felt the effects of the GFC most from December 2008 well into the first quarter of 2009.

With the volatility of markets in the US, the debt issues with our European cousins, the effect of natural disasters in Queensland, Japan and to our Tasman cousin, New Zealand, consumer sentiment and business confidence is at best shaky at the moment. While turnover is up in some industries, the average spend per customer is down so businesses are finding they have to work much, much harder and smarter to convince prospects and existing customers to keep buying from them, as opposed to their competition.

At the moment I receive regular calls  from prospects who had engaged  other marketing consultants who didn’t really seem to understand what their business is about and persuaded them to invest in strategies and tools that, at the end of the day, didn’t deliver.

It concerns and astounds me that people out there just don’t seem to realise that ‘experimenting’ with other’s businesses puts not only their brand and hard work in building the business at risk, but also the lives of their employees.

When the economy is ‘sick’, businesses tend to grab at straws to find solutions, but they need to be very careful about who they trust with their enterprise.

Some marketers work on symptoms alone. I prefer to consider the symptoms but discover the root cause of a business’ marketing problems or challenges.When researching the issues, I commonly find that there’s been a fundamental shift in what their clients are looking for now, but sometimes those new  or existing clients have not recognised this and are still marketing ABC when they need to be marketing BCE, for example.

If you’re feeling pain in your business, don’t go to a marketer that works like your mum and is more likely to prescribe a bandaid  or aspirin to solve your problems. Work with marketers who care enough about your business, you and your workforce to discover the root cause of a problem (which can become more noticeable over time) to prescribe a solution that will overcome the overall problem AND remove the pain.

If you feel your marketer hasn’t invested enough time to get know you and your business intimately, how well could they fix your pain? If they don’t seem to care enough, switch to one who does.