What exactly is marketing anyway?

June 12, 2011

There’s still a lot of confusion out there about what marketing is, especially now that social media is an integral part of the mix.

Here’s one of the best ways to distnguish what it is… Credit goes to Colin Hardcastle, the founder of the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra:

If the orchestra has an upcoming event and we paint a sign and display it on St John’s Cathedral saying” BPO performs here this Sunday at 2.00pm” and pay St John’s for the spot, that’s ADVERTISING.

If we paint the same info on a parachute and attach it to Colin as he skydives into King George Square, that’s PROMOTION.

If the police arrest Colin for skydiving through restricted air space and endangering lives and a local television channel captures it on the evening news. that’s PUBLICITY

If the BPO lobby the police to releaae Colin saying he went off course and that’s the truth and he’s released without charges, that’s PUBLIC RELATIONS

And if the whole exercise to tell the public about the upcoming performance using all these tactics was planned and we know that’s where the BPO’s major market is based and that these ways of communicating really appeal to them and they took note, that’s MARKETING.

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