How well do your customers do business with you online?

October 25, 2010

Was reminded the other day how badly many small to medium businesses neglect an important part of their sales channel. They continually invest good money in sales teams and managers, marketing materials and training but forget to update their web site content, look and feel and relevance. Unfortunately, your web site is probably the most critical component in the buying process once initial contact has been made. It can be the difference between a customer calling you with further enquiries and deciding to buy through your opposition, just because it doesn’t work effectively. All the SEO and luring in the world is useless if the site is ineffectve and prospect-unfriendly. If you haven’t updated your site in months or years,, there is no doubt you have lost thousands of dollars in business because of it. And it shouldn’t be a straight copy and paste of your printed materials because that’s not how people navigate the net. You wouldn’t do that for print advertising, radio or TV advertising so don’t do it for the net! If no-one’s audited how effectively your site interacts with, satisfies and sells to your prospects and customers, maybe it’s time to do that and get yourself back on track with making this often overlooked sales channel pay dividends.

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