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Editorial space – a casualty of the GFC

August 8, 2009

I was talking about how to get your news into the media to a group of food manufacturers, suppliers and distribution businesses on Thursday and one thing struck me. A couple of them mentioned that there was very little space now for editorial in most major newspapers, especially for food product news, as opposed to restaurant reviews and recipes which seem to be flavour of the month everywhere thanks to Masterchef. (By the way that’s not meant to be ‘punny’.)  Anyway, it just correlates with the fact that if your PR consultant is getting you published, they’re doing a damn fine job as there is less editorial space all round, not matter what the section of the paper. This is reality since the global financial crisis struck Australia.

With advertising revenues down across certain media, most publishers are reducing the amount of editorial space accordingly so appreciate your PR person if you’re getting your message out there in the mass media – they are working very hard and very smart for you! And remember, in most cases, the ‘free’ editorial space is really paid for by the advertising revenues.